The Complete Quest for Gremlins


More Comicular Art by L R Nold

When I began working on Dr Gumbo’s One True Jazz Comic (which appears in my second book, Empanelled — Frivolous Fables) in late 1966 in a futile attempt to maintain sanity while residing at Rosebank in New South Wales, I decide at page 2 that I’d begin a ‘side piece’ as a distraction from the horrid little jazz obsessionist’s seamy existence in Sydney.

This is it. I had intended to intersperse the Quest with earlier stories but, sad to relate, these intended stories have been perversely excised and supplanted with spurious material by malevolent ‘Printer’s Devil’ Gremlins speciously posing as the cartoonist Nold, in an apparent attempt to deride the sacred Quest.

Nold wishes to stress that this is NOT intended as yet another appalling adult colouring book, even though its 120 large pages are printed on paper ideal for such an inane pursuit.

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