Keith Lindsay Arnold, b. 1939, Tasmania in the same hospital as actor Errol Flynn 30 years previously.

Studied Fine Art under late distinguished Tasmanian Artists Alan Gelston, Jack Carington Smith and Dorothy Stoner.

His London “Summer of Love” oil painting “The Human Condition” was a runner-up in the 1971 Blake Prize for Religious Art.

Earliest known comic strips date from the very early 1960s, Sydney.


Lindsay Arnold has signed his artwork variously as: lindsay, Linzee, linz, Lindz, Arnold Lindsay, L.R.Nold, and Ellé.

He is the only Australian to be published in seminal American Underground Comix Anthologies during the 1980s boom, alongside legends of the genre.

He is a Comix Boomer, NOT a “Baby Boomer”.

Coming soon — The Quest for Gremlins


The Quest for Gremlins — currently in pre-production — follows “Xavier Ajax” (if that is in fact, who he is) on a mysterious tortuous journey through weird locations with weirder inhabitants, seeking relief from his self-induced Gremlin-tormented cartoonist’s mind. Will it prove to be futile, merely fatuous, or simply a familial fiasco? Find out soon, if Gremlins do not manage to totally sabotage the project.

120 page Comicular Novel, 205 x 290 mm B&W, limp sewn paperback

Comments and endorsements

‘I love your visual humor. You’ve put Tasmania on the map, sir.’

Robert Crumb

‘Linzee Arnold was a multi-disciplinary Tasmanian artist before anyone there had heard the term. He was active in the creative worlds of theatre, radio, music and visual art before the 60s dawned.’

Brian Ritchie, Music Curator MONA, ex Violent Femmes Bassist, shakuhachi master.

‘Linz, the comics are really great! —part Gaillard, part Rowlandson… insane!’

Geoffrey Rush, AC

‘The most talented person I’ve ever known!’

Bill Hunter, Character Actor

‘My friend Linzee is a magnificent creator of silliness. He is infuriatingly clever.’

Lindy Morrison OAM, ex GoBetweens drummer

‘Hey Linz, your drawings are at the pinnacle of comicular art.’

Allan Browne, drummer and poet

‘I love all the little details.’

Aline Kominsky Crumb

‘I think you’re an excellent cartoonist.’

Gary Groth, Publisher, Fantagraphics

‘You’re a genius.’

Ron Turner, Publisher, Last Gasp

‘Keep on artworkin’ ’

Peter Bagge

‘Why didn’t you tell me you were so famous?’

David Lasky

‘I always liked your stuff.’

Eddie Campbell

‘You have to get in someone’s face!’

Harvey Pekar

‘A Veritable Master Class in Inscrutability.’

Dr Morgan J. R. ‘Jay’ Nold, CEO sprokkit.com

‘The finest advertisement for our Subgenus Foundation ever to emanate from the aluminium Planet X.’

The Rev. Ivan Stang, Editor of the Sacred Deuterocanonical Texts of J.R.”Bob” Dobbs.