The Complete Quest for Gremlins


More Comicular Art by L R Nold

When I began working on Dr Gumbo’s One True Jazz Comic (which appears in my second book, Empanelled — Frivolous Fables) in late 1966 in a futile attempt to maintain sanity while residing at Rosebank in New South Wales, I decide at page 2 that I’d begin a ‘side piece’ as a distraction from the horrid little jazz obsessionist’s seamy existence in Sydney.

This is it. I had intended to intersperse the Quest with earlier stories but, sad to relate, these intended stories have been perversely excised and supplanted with spurious material by malevolent ‘Printer’s Devil’ Gremlins speciously posing as the cartoonist Nold, in an apparent attempt to deride the sacred Quest.

Nold wishes to stress that this is NOT intended as yet another appalling adult colouring book, even though its 120 large pages are printed on paper ideal for such an inane pursuit.

Empanelled Book One: Loose Life Stories


“Altogether this is a monumental work”
— Robert Crumb

The first of two large-format glossy 288-page, limp covered Art books, Empanelled Book 1 collects Linzee’s semi-autobiographical stories from his experiences as a schoolboy, schoolteacher, itinerant drummer, actor and ‘multi-disciplinary’ artist at large, ranging from 1940s wartime Hobart, through the repressive 50s and revolutionary 60s into the 80s and 90s of the 20th century.

“Loose Life Stories” contains a total of 34 complete B&W stories from the author’s life, with chronological colour coding for easy reference, as if you care about such things.

Extras include ‘Flash Frames’ (true and imaginary encounters with Celebrities: literary, artistic, theatrical and beyond), photographs, paintings on canvas and rocks, gags, and important recondite divulgences from the SubGenius Church, all enfolded within an exquisite rainbow-edged handsome tome.

Limited edition hardback slipcased sets are available on request.


Empanelled Book Two: Frivolous Fables


Book 2 of Empanelled collects R.Nold’s works of comicstrip Fantasy, featuring a serialisation of his epic Doctor Gumbo’s One True Jazz Comic, based on the 1970s ABC radio series on Sydney’s 2JJ, leavened with shorter stories of imagination.

A “Reality Interlude” comprises a panel by panel transcription of the 1980s notorious-among-musicians recording of drummer Buddy Rich castigating his recalcitrant band. A shocker.

The “P’Funktory P’Fantom” episodes are a sad indictment of what can happen when a comicbook Hero loses interest in his destiny as a Good Example.

Besides these Main Features, there are 28 shorter stories, plus more of Nold’s Flash Frames, gags, paintings, and full page reproductions of the famous Card series “The Act”, featuring the lachrymose clown, Boppo — and more arcane secrets from the Church of SubGenius!

Colour coded pages allow easy reference to serialised or single stories, but mainly continue a thrilling rainbow effect from Book 1.

“A perfect gift for Clowns, Fools and Numbskulls!”
— Dr. C. Gumbo

Slipping Through the Cracks

A visual interpretation of a stolen childhood. With over 100 images, Lindsay Arnold has drawn intense scrutiny to the unjust emotional and physical suffering of a sensitive boy trapped in the cruel thrall of a heartless social zeitgeist which prevailed throughout mid 20th century Australia.

No mere moral fable, this is unvarnished social history, and a cautionary tale for future generations.

What is happening here? Why did these bizarre events take place?

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